Michèle Rusconi [1960 *]

string quartet No 1 'ratafià'

- sound sample

-November 27th 2011, Gare du Nord, Basel
-December 6th 2011, Kulturhaus Helferei, Zürich
-December 7th 2011, Salle Ansermet, Genf
-March 6th 2012, University of Edinbourgh, Edinbourgh
March 9th 2012, St Lukes, London
March 16th 2012, Théatre du Pommier, Neuchatel
July 1st 2012, Hotel Bellevue, Braunwald
Amar Quartett
ratafià    (breathless)
1  liter of pure alcohol or Grappa
12 walnuts
350 grams of sugar
1 cinnamon stick
1 grated nutmeg
3 vanilla beans
1 handful of coffee beans

June 24 (day of San Giovanni) harvest the walnuts, quarter them and
put them in Grappa. Leave the closed jar in the sun for 40 days and shake it strongly every day. Add the remaining ingredients and stop exposing the jar to the sun. Shake it occasionally.
After three months filter the liquid and let it rest another two months.
Fill it into bottles. Drink it . . .