Michle Rusconi
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March 2012
It was a riveting, thrilling musical encounter that brought wonderful texture and dimension to the sound elicited from familiar instruments.

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The New York Times

July 2010
The New York Times
Published: July 13, 2010
Fresh Works, Played Amid the Rumbles and Chirps

The title of Michèle Rusconi’s “Entgiftung — ALAT (GPT) 57 U/1” refers to rage and to a specific physiological imbalance. Ms. Rusconi’s music evoked both conditions in a dazzling tour de force of explosive gestures and dyspeptic timbres.

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‘Michele Rusconi’s music is mercurial, sophisticated and amusing without ever lacking in seriousness. It entertains as it discovers. The new sounds and effects that she gets from her choice of instruments always serve a narrative that is deeply and pleasurably absorbing. Her music insists on the excitement of contemporary music. By challenging the ear with new sounds and patterns Rusconi reveals new realms and triggers new associations. It is a kind of music that enlivens the mind and enriches experience. It abounds in delight.’
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