Michèle Rusconi
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Bocacangrejo (2021)
El mono errante (2021)
Duo for Oboe d'amore und Cor Anglais
Candide (2020) [i]
Luises Limonade und die Patriarchen (2020)
for soprano, mezzo soprano, harp
Il faut cultiver son jardin (2020) [i]
Les souffrances de Job (2019) [i]
For Soprano, Speaker and Ensemble
Lampe und Spiegel (2018) [i]
relentless stalemate (2017)
for Oboe and Clarinet
Duo for soprano saxophone and trumpet (2017)
Duo for soprano and tenor saxophone (2017)
Annexe (2015) [i]
Put that in your pipe and smoke it! (2015)
for Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass
whims + airs (2015) [i]
open road (2014) [i]
Piano Trio
sin embargo plus (2014) [i]
Flute, Piano
sin embargo plus (2014) [i]
Clarinet, Piano
Urartu full circle (2014) (2014) [i]
string trio (20142015)
sin embargo plus (2013) [i]
Flute, Akkordeon
untitled (2013) [i]
Woodwind Quintet
Lazy turtle and black Magdalena (2013/ 2016) [i]
merry at breakfast, dead by noon (2012) [i]
fl, perc., cello
string quartet nr. 2 'postumi' (2011) [i]
dead men are heavier than broken hearts (2011) [i]
fl, perc., harp
opinions only (2011) [i]
for 9 players
let's cut our losses and go home (2010) [i]
octet - sound sample
Broyer du noir + salt peanuts (2010) [i]
for 6 players
NOMOLL I (2010) [i]
2 prep. pianos - sound sample
NOMOLL I I (2010) [i]
2 pianos
el leon que mas cicatrices tiene es el jefe (2010) [i]
2 harps
string quartet No 1 'ratafià' (2009) [i]
- sound sample
Amygdala (2009) [i]
for 11 players
Buda-morph (2009) [i]
string quintet
Buda-morph 14 (2009) [i]
14 strings
a bit of bungling on the battlefield (2008) [i]
piano, vl, cello- sound sample
Entgiftung ALAT (GPT) 57 U / 1 (2008) [i]
octet - sound sample
Dissoziationen I - IV (2008) [i]
octet - sound sample
no risk - no fun (2007) [i]
trumpet and percussion
aus-lo-ten (2004) [i]
trombone, harp, tape
warm up (2002) [i]
percussion and piano - sound sample
3630 (2001) [i]
for 12 players
short cuts (2000) [i]
trombone and harp
Luises Limonade und die Patriarchen [i]